"I won an order of cake pops, so I decided to order enough for my whole office. It was right before Easter, so we got 2 1/2 doz. little chicks- -half chocolate, and half strawberry lemonade. They were  delicious! Almost like little truffles. She put bows on the strawberry chicks so we'd know which flavor was which. Absolutely adorable, and so tasty! Made me very popular around the office."
                                                  ~ Tracy Muday

"I'm always surprised with how moist your cookies are which is an added bonus to the taste and decorations. Your cupcakes and cakes are always delicious! Everything
you've done for us...camo wedding cake, tractor and John Deere cookies, and misc cupcakes have been amazing!!"

~Kammie Green

Cakes With Jaz is solely owned and operated by Jasmine McAfee. It has been operating as a licensed domestic bakery out of Jasmine's home since February of 2010. Jasmine attended Southwestern Oregon Community College and graduated in the spring of 2011 with an Associate's degree in small business/entrepreneurship.

Jasmine starting making cakes for her children's birthdays in 2007. The first, was Spongebob.

As years went by her interest in cakes became stronger and she started making cakes for friends and family. But, when she started school in the fall of 2009, she had no intention of starting a cake business. As her schooling progressed she was asked to build a mock business in many of her classes, and Cakes With Jaz was born. This allowed her the ability to build the business by obtaining proper licensing, insurance, writing a business plan,  and becoming prepared for the future of Cakes With Jaz.

Cakes with Jaz moved in to it's new location in March 2015. Located in beautiful downtown Coos Bay, Jasmine is always ready to help you and make your event personal and special!

Stop in during business hours to pick up some fresh cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, or just something to keep your sweet tooth happy!!!

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